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1. Features
Quick – All the measurements are finished with just one touch after installation.
Simple – No training is necessary, and any person can simply operate the instrument simply.
Convenient – You can place a measurement target arbitrarily, and a fixing jig is not needed. You can measure a whole range of a target at a time.
Documentation – You can output a report on all measurement results by pressing only one button after measurements are finished.
Repeatability –The same measurement results can be obtained regardless of who operates the instrument.


3. Photographs

4. Software Introduction
Measurement with high precision

A large centrifugal lens with a depth of focus is employed to prevent image blur,size and shape deformation, and image distortion caused by step occurrence.An excellent algorithm of the measurement software ensures high-precision measurement of all types of systems and accurate measurement values for the measured sample.

Measurement and inspection of a large amount of samples with just one touch





You can just place a measurement sample on the measurement stand and pressthe measurement start button. Then, the instrument calculates a large amount of data immediately. The instrument can measure several single items quickly, and also determines the pass or fail status of all the test items which are within the field of view at the same time.
Objective measurement (to resolve a subjective measurement error)

The instrument can reduce your time and production cost by enhancing work efficiency by measuring the whole shape of a subject within the field of view at a time quickly and accurately, and calculate a large amount of measurement data immediately

Report output

The instrument can output the report on an inspection result and statistical databy performing a one-touch operation. A complicated process such as transmissionof numerical data and manual input to a computer is not needed.
The measurement result is output in the form of EXCEL, WORD, TXT, etc., and data can be utilized simply



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