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T2100 Series - Excitation Loss Relay

T2100.0010; T2100.0020; T2100.0030; T2100.0040; T2100.0050; T2100.0060; T2100.0070; T2100.0080

Description The T2100 Excitation Loss Relay protects against loss of excitation in a synchronous generator. T2100 detects the high-inductive current running into a generator in case of low excitation. The faulty generator breaker is tripped, thus protecting the generator, and avoiding undervoltage on the busbar with a possible blackout of the system. The T2100 calculates I x sin φ, representing the reactive power. If the reactive power becomes negative and exceeds the preset level (0.5-1.5 x IN), the pickup LED will indicate and the delay timer will be started. After the preset time (2-20 sec.) has expired, the output relay and LED will be activated, provided that the negative reactive power level was exceeded for the entire delay time

Specifications Trip Level 0.5-1.5 x IN

Delay 2-20 sec.

Max. Voltage 660 V

Voltage Range 50-110%

Consumption Voltage 5 VA at UN

Current 0.3 VA at IN Continuous Current 2 x IN Frequency Range 45-400 Hz

Output Relay Normally de-energized, latching, resetable

Contact Rating AC: 400 V, 5 A, 1250 VA DC: 150 V, 5 A, 120 W

Overall Accuracy ±5% Repeatability ±1%

Operating Temperature –20°C to + 70°C Dielectric Test 2500 V, 50 Hz

EMC CE according to EN50081-1, EN50082-1, EN50081-2,

EN50082-2 Approvals Certified by major marine classification societies

Burn-in 50 hours before final test

Enclosure Material Polycarbonate.

Flame retardant Weight 0.5 kg

Dimensions H 70 mm (2.76”); W 100 mm (3.94”); D 115 mm (4.52”)

Installation 35 mm DIN rail or 4 mm (3/16”) screws


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