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VP-G2 series

Automation for health care or pharmaceutical industry.
VP-G2 Series correspond to their stringent requirements.
Robot này được ứng dụng trong phòng sạch nơi chế biết thức ăn hoặc thuốc.
■Hydrogen proxide-washable surface(wipe with 6% H2O2 concentration)
Anodized aluminum coverings and a protective outer coating, as well as specially sealed
joints, protect robot against corrosion.(VP-6242G2-S1)
■Class 100(cleanness)
Designed for cleanrooms and other contamination-control environments(VP-6242G2-S1)
■Compact and powerful ( maximum payload: 2kg)
Slim design and class-leading power.
■cUL authorized product (UL standards / Canada CSA standards ) also available


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